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3 Tips on what you can do about sun and acne

1. Increased sun protection

Sounds easy, but it isn’t necessarily because many sun protection products are not tailored to impure skin and have a negative effect on acne. It is therefore important that you use sun protection products that are specially tailored to the needs of blemished skin and therefore respond to the specific needs of blemished skin.

Sun protection with a high sun protection factor becomes especially important if you are already taking medication for your acne. Because many of them reduce sun tolerance, which means you can get sunburns faster and more.

Avoid the midday sun between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. in summer if possible because then their intensity is highest and therefore the most harmful for the skin.

2. Adapted sun protection products for acne

Use sunscreens specially made for blemished skin. The formulas differ from other sunscreens in terms of their composition, but without having to forego a high sun protection factor. Pay attention to the following ingredients:

Sun protection factor of at least 30

The formation of blackheads must not be encouraged. This is marked on the products with the designation “non-comedogenic”. ┬áIn addition to UV protection, biological cell protection should also be supported by the products. The plant-based active ingredients licochalcone A and glycyrrhetic acid are very suitable for this purpose, as they protect the skin from harmful sun rays, have an anti-inflammatory effect, reduce redness and stimulate the skin’s self-healing powers.

Do not use an aggressive ingredient or, even better, unscented products

Absorbing silicon particles ensure a matt finish and the highly effective L-carnitine enables an 8-hour anti-shine effect.

3. Everyday care products

Sun protection products are effective to reduce the harmful influence of the sun. Specially developed skin care products that respond to skin needs help against the acne itself.

Clean your skin twice a day with deep pores and with mild skin cleansing products. Use only fresh cotton pads, freshly washed washcloths and no brushes. When drying the skin, you should dab more than rub so as not to intensify the skin irritation.

Cleaning gels and facial tonics are cleaning products that you can use every day. They should work specifically against bacterial growth, be oil-free and avoid blackheads. This is the best basis for a supple skin feeling and a radiant complexion.

With cleaning products with micelle technology, you have the advantage that your skin is cleaned more intensively and can therefore breathe more freely. To do this, apply the cleaning water to a cotton pad and rub it over your skin. The micelles then act like a magnet that attracts even the smallest dirt particles.

For subsequent skin care, you can use special night care products at night. These are suitable because the skin regenerates more at night and the ingredients are tailored to the nightly needs of the skin. With strong blackheads, fruit acids help refine the complexion overnight.

After cleaning in the morning, moisturizing day care is more suitable instead. If you use a formula that is tailored to impure skin and also contains a high sun protection factor, you have the basis for every day, even under the make-up.

With the combination of cleaning, night and day care, you have the best opportunity to react to the sun and enjoy beautiful hours outdoors despite acne.



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