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More tips for acne treatment

If you notice the first signs of acne, you should go to the doctor and discuss the best treatment methods for you.

Do not try to combine different treatments yourself. Many of the treatment methods mentioned are not compatible with each other. For example, taking certain antibiotics in combination with UV radiation can have serious side effects. Other medications can also affect acne treatment. Therefore, tell your doctor about all medications you are taking. Acne treatment with UV radiation under the sunbed or in the form of sunbaths is recommended by many websites. But don’t do this: UV radiation dries out the pimples, but it doesn’t make them go away. In the long term, it also causes the skin to age faster and increases the risk of skin cancer.

To wash

Wash your face with mild soap at least twice a day. The pH of the soap should not exceed 5.5. Also wash your hair more often, being careful not to hang it on your face.

Care for

Nourish your face with products that contain fruit acids (such as salicylic acid or lactic acid) that support acne treatment. Moisturizers, sunscreens, and cosmetics should be water-based, since creams and cosmetics that contain fat or oil clog the pores and thus promote acne. If the acne is mild, nonprescription care series from the pharmacy can be very helpful.

Correctly treat pimples

Do not squeeze out your pimples yourself. If pimples are treated unprofessionally, they ignite easily and the growth of new blackheads is stimulated. A beautician can treat your blackheads before they catch fire and also advise you on individual skin care.

Avoid external influences

Protect your skin from extreme cold and direct sunlight. Both can worsen acne in the long term and reverse the success of acne treatment that has already been achieved.

Feel good

Well-being also plays an important role in acne: nutrition with healthy, vitamin-rich foods as mentioned above is just as important as adequate hydration and regular exercise. Also try to avoid stress and excitement. Only if you feel physically and mentally comfortable can acne treatment be successful in the long term.

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